New Age

Among those waiting for the ‘New Age’ is a prophet Anon (Peeter Novod) who leads the Estonian Quaker Saint Michael’s Revelation congregation. According to their calculations, the ‘new’ age is to begin in 2020.

Also, New Age sensibilities arrived to Estonia in the 1970s. In contemporary Estonia there are several active groups who are influenced by this worldview and are somewhat organised. One of these is the School of Intuitive Sciences which organises lecture-series to introduce alternative worldviews and other activities. Since 1994, an annual Earth Mother Mass has been organised to propagate the New Age worldview.

Spiritism and other phenomena popular in the 19th century were practised mainly by the local Baltic German nobility and Russian high society. Estonians interested in parapsychological phenomena did not organise until in the 1920–1930s, after independence. Interest in parapsychology was condemned by the Soviet powers, but nevertheless grew during the end of the 1960s and in the 1970s (the UFOs, etc.)

During the latest decades in addition to traditional wise men and wise women, so-called ‘sensitives’, based on New Age understandings, have also emerged. There is also a place for holistic self-help methods among contemporary Estonians.

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