Flora and fauna

Table of Contents

  • Flora

    Estonia is traversed by the border-line between the East- and Middle-European biogeographic provinces, which is reflected in the composition of the flora by the fact ...
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  • Forests

    Estonia belongs to the northern part of the mixed forest sub-zone of the temperate forest zone. Due to a large variety of soil conditions and ...
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  • Peatlands

    Peatlands occupy approximately one fourth of the territory of Estonia. The most widespread type of peatland in Estonia is raised bog, in which a thick ...
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  • Fungi

    More than 3700 species of fungi have been recorded in Estonia, while the actual number of fungus species is considered to have reached 4500. The ...
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  • Fauna

    Of mammals, 64 species have been identified in Estonia. Three of these — the muskrat, the racoon dog and the American mink — have been introduced into ...
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