Gulf of Finland and the North-Estonian coastal plain

Table of Contents

  • The Gulf of Finland

    The Gulf of Finland is the easternmost gulf of the Baltic Sea, surrounded by Estonia, Finland and Russia. An imaginary line between the Põõsaspea Cape ...
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  • The islands of the Gulf of Finland

    Of the numerous islands of the Gulf of Finland, about a hundred are in Estonian waters. The northernmost is Vaindloo Island (area 6 ha). Keri ...
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  • The North-Estonian Coastal Plain

    The North-Estonian Coastal Plain is the former basin of the Gulf of Finland, exposed by the retreat of water due to the land rise. The ...
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  • Coastal villages and resorts

    Historically, almost all the coastal settlements were fishing villages, established, because of the poor conditions for agriculture in northern Estonia. Fishing and all the related ...
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