Lahemaa National Park

Table of Contents

  • Lahemaa National Park: from coastal drumlins to Kõrvemaa

    The Lahemaa National Park was created in 1971 to protect the characteristic North-Estonian landscapes and the national heritage of the area, and to preserve harmonious ...
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  • Coastal stone fields and sandy beaches

    The coast of Lahemaa, similar to the whole North-Estonian coastal plain, is rich in great erratic boulders and stone fields. They were carried here by ...
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  • Lakes and falls

    The largest lake in Lahemaa is Lake Kahala (350 ha). The lake is located in a depression among wooded meadows and alvars covered with junipers ...
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  • Flora and fauna

    The flora of Lahemaa, just like that of the whole of North Estonia, is quite poor. More than 70% of Lahemaa’s territory is covered ...
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