Limestone plateaus of North-Estonia

Table of Contents

  • Harju-Viru limestone plateau

    The Harju plateau, the Pandivere Upland and the Viru plateau can be considered as the more or less geologically uniform Harju-Viru limestone plateau. It is ...
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  • The North-Estonian Klint, cliffs and waterfalls

    The North-Estonian Klint is the steep northern margin of the flat limestone plateau. It is one of the most picturesque natural monuments in Estonia, it ...
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  • Karst forms

    In the watersheds of the North-Estonian plateau, the rain water infiltrates through thin Quaternary cover and limestone pores and cracks. Striving for the springs and ...
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  • The Pandivere Upland

    The Pandivere Upland is the highest bedrock upland in Estonia. Its bedrock is represented by Middle and Upper Ordovician and Lower Silurian limestones. The Izhora ...
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  • Land forms

    The Harju plateau, the Pandivere Upland and the Viru plateau have much in common, and their landscape features are similar. The surface topography of all ...
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  • Human impact on shaping the landscape

    On the North-Estonian limestone plateaus, the history of human colonisation can be traced back about 10 000 years. Most of the stone-age settlements were located ...
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