Judicial system

Table of Contents

  • General principles of judicial proceedings and the structure of the judicial system

    The fundamental rights and freedoms of persons provided for in the Constitution of the Republic of Estonia also include rights relating to judicial proceedings. Pursuant ...
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  • Courts of first instance and courts of appeal

    In the first instance of the judicial system, justice is administered by county, city and administrative courts. At present, there are altogether 16 county and ...
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  • The Supreme Court

    The following Chambers have been formed within the Supreme Court: 1) the Civil Chamber; 2) the Criminal Chamber; 3) the Administrative Law Chamber; 4) the ...
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  • Constitutional review

    Upon the adjudication of a matter of constitutional review, the Supreme Court is restricted to the extent specified in the petition (by verifying only the ...
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  • Administration of courts

    Administration of courts of first instance and courts of appeal falls within the competences of the Ministry of Justice. The Minister of Justice determines the ...
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  • The legal status of judges and guarantees of their independence

    The second sentence of clause 146 of the Constitution provides for the following: “The courts shall be independent in their activities and shall administer justice ...
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